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KOHAT: Social and political circles here have expressed concern about the theft of solar batteries from poles in various parts of the city, rendering solar lights unusable and plunging the area into darkness.

Sons of Kohat chairman Mehmood Shah said Thursday that the relevant department and police were not paying attention as no thief had been arrested so far.

He regretted that Tehsil Municipality did not install new batteries at the poles.

Grand Business Alliance Chairman Haji Abid Khan recalled that a similar incident happened at Rawalpindi Road and Family Park last year, but the issue was hushed up.

He said that thieves took away batteries from Bangashabad the other night but no investigation has been launched into this so far.

PTI RALLY: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf officials and workers continued rallies against defectors on Thursday at the call of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

District President Malik Atif, Secretary General Ishtiaq, Daud Afridi, Naseem Afridi, former mayoral candidate Salman Shinwari and Malik Mansoor spoke on the occasion.

They claimed that the “rebels” had accepted huge sums of money from outside western conspirators because they had tabled a motion of no confidence in the prime minister to punish him for raising the slogan “absolutely not”.

They said the dissenters were being rejected by the people for selling their mandate as protests had already begun in their constituencies.

Published in Dawn, April 8, 2022

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