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By Chris Crowell January 19, 2022 show profileSungrow presents the modular inverter “1+X” at the World Future Energy Summit 2022

Sungrow presented the brand new central inverter 1+X Modular at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The “modularity” of the 1+X inverter is evident at the inverter level, system level and component level. The three-stage modularization will make the power plant design more flexible and O&M more convenient in the future, Sungrow believes.

The 1+X Modular Inverter was originally launched in the Chinese domestic market in March 2021, and orders have exceeded 500MW so far.

The 1+X modular inverter has at least a single unit of 1.1 MW, but the block capacity can be increased to a maximum of 8.8 MW by combining 8 units in a modular manner.

The modularization increases the flexibility of the PV array configuration. The inverter supports a maximum of 2 times the DC/AC ratio. The 1+X modular inverter has 42% more MPPT than conventional central inverters and performs string-level management via a new wireless DC combiner. Increased MPPT and refined management result in higher power production. The DC/ESS interface supports the connection to energy storage systems.

The modularization of the components means more of a plug-and-play functionality and reduces the maintenance time from 6 to 2 hours, according to Sungrow’s statistics. Since each inverter also works as an individual device, they can be replaced directly with on-site backup inverters in the event of a failure. Hence the three-stage modularization.

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