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Veritone, the developer of the artificial intelligence operating system called aiWARE, announced the development of a new device learning model for SMA Sunny Central solar inverters of device learning models that enable predictive control of shared distributed energy resources (DERs), including solar and storage inverters, battery storage systems , EV chargers, wind turbines and hydropower systems. Veritone expects this initiative to simplify the integration of distributed energy resources, extend equipment life and increase network resilience.

Utilities, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and microgrid developers face reliability challenges in integrating and managing green energy sources due to their variable nature. Fluctuations in the power provided by these sources can cause costly damage to grid systems and inefficient power distribution. In addition, extreme weather conditions can cause entire networks to fail without autonomously controlled microgrids. Without predictive AI modeling and control of grid systems, these reliability challenges will persist.

Veritone Energy Solutions are predictive, AI-powered solutions that balance and strengthen the grid to increase reliability, reduce operating costs and improve resilience. Veritone expects a device learning model for Sunny Central solar inverters from SMA utility companies, operators and developers with solar systems will help realize these advantages faster than ever before. This predictive, dynamic and continuously updated decision model reflects the current state of the SMA inverter and works in conjunction with other dynamic models that reflect the current state of the broader grid, optimizes energy distribution and informs the Veritone controllers on the inverter how they are most efficient work can manage energy through the device to meet grid demand at the lowest possible cost.

"Our planned compatibility with SMA reflects our continued commitment to accelerate the clean energy transition using AI," said Chad Steelberg, Veritone chairman and CEO. "Ready-made forecast models for SMA Sunny Central inverters help energy suppliers, operators and developers who use these inverters in their grids to use all the advantages of an AI-controlled grid faster than ever before."

The patented Veritone CDI Edge Control Agent technology is used to model and control multiple SMA inverters and synchronize them to enable autonomous grid control and decision making throughout the network, resulting in optimal economic distribution during normal operation and the resilience of macro and micro grids during extreme weather events. The compatibility with SMA solar inverters also enables solar smoothing, which extends the service life of the system and reduces the risk of inverter burnout and the resulting environmental damage.

"SMA inverters for PV deliver the next generation of PV power," says Wolf Kohn, Chief Scientist at Veritone and inventor of Veritone's patented CDI technology. "We expect that our predictive AI models for SMA inverters will significantly increase the reliability and longevity of the inverters when they are integrated into new and older grids."

Veritone is currently building a library of device learning models for the largest and most innovative clean energy device manufacturers, resulting in "plug and play" network compatibility with Veritone's aiWARE operating system and predictive energy solutions. Veritone expects this library of device models that reflect behavior characteristics and interactions with power devices will scale its AI-powered energy business faster and help achieve its goal of connected, on-demand, green, and autonomous power grids.

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