Selecting the best measurement solar system and the place to place it


Whether you are powering a bitcoin mine or like to read by candle light, every detail of your energy usage should be considered when switching to solar. You will also want to take into account where the panels should be placed on your roof. Believe it or not, but these two factors are directly related to each other: It’s a great idea to try and maximise your usage to coincide with the time your house is producing the most electricity.

Natural Solar knows all the tips and tricks, and to make it easy for you, we’ve put them in the guide below.

What size solar system do I need?

Small solar systems are best for those who live alone or with another person, and will typically consume all energy harvested in the day, when the sun is generating the most electricity. This way you’ll only be sending a little bit of energy back to the grid. If you’re opting for a small system, the preferred position on your roof is true north. This position generates up to 10%extra energy across the year compared to an east/west orientation.

Moderate to large solar systems are a good fit for families with responsible energy use practices – such as turning off all lights and devices from the wall socket. The common practice is to put these systems in the position of true north, however,you’ll get more value out of your system by positioningpanels to consider what time of day the house is consuming electricity. Natural Solar recommends an even spread of solar panels across north, east and west to match household energy consumption. This will see less energy beingsent back to the grid and will help you to keep your energy bills down.

Smart energy practices, such as running your washing machine and dishwasher in the day and being energy efficient at night, makes both of these options a great choice for many homes.

What if I’m installing a battery in my home as well?

Installing a battery is a great way to capture all your solar generation that you may not use straight away. The size of your battery depends on the size of your solar system. Simply put, the electricity that your house does not use from the solar panels during the day is captured within the solar battery. The battery will then discharge stored electricity once the sun goes down, ensuring as closeas possible to 100% self-consumption of solar generation. 100% self-consumption means the right balance between generation and consumption and can help minimise your bills.

When installing a solar system coupled with a solar battery, Natural Solar will position the panels in an optimal orientation to ensure the highest level of solar generation coupled with maximum storage of excess energy for evening use.

What do I need to know about solar in the future? 

The technology and laws often change around Solar.Your feed-in-tariff  which is the price paid for excess solar generation sent back to the grid, may vary as it is set by the Clean Energy Regulator and changes each year. There is a market now, so consumers can shop around with Energy Suppliers for a price that suits them best.

Eligible homeowners that take part in Natural Solar Stockland offerwill have access to a fixed, upfront and transparent $0 electricity bill per annum for a period of 36 months, provided the household consumption stays within the agreed limit*. The sonnenFlat is an opt in/out offer and you can rest assured, there are no exit costs.

Having a solar system and battery in your home may afford you the opportunity to participate in many new initiatives, including Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). VPPs allow households to sell their unused electricity in different methods. If there are changes to the grid,including feed in tariffs for excess solar or the value attributed to accessing your battery, the flexibility to join VPPs is a valuable option for households as it enables one to buy and sell energy to their neighbours with solar and battery systems. A great explanation can be found here.


*Offer available at Stockland’s Newport residential community and to Stockland employees only and subject to availability. sonnenFlat is only available with the purchase of a sonnenBatterie. Following 36 months, cost for sonnenFlat is $33 per month (GST inclusive). Offer valid from 16 November 2020 at 9:00am AEST unless otherwise stated. Maximum energy consumption quotas apply. Eligibility requirements, exclusions and additional charges apply. Not a Stockland promotion. Stockland is neither the promoter, designer, manufacturer, retailer or installer of the packages. The contract for the package is to be entered into between Natural Solar and the resident. Stockland will not be a party to the supply and install agreement. Natural Solar is responsible for the promotion and supplying and installing the packages and for dealing with any claims or issues arising out of or in connection with the packages. Stockland does not accept any liability with regards to the promotion, packages or products offered by Natural Solar. Contact Natural Solar for full terms and conditions.

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