How To Retailer Solar Vitality in a Battery


Every day the benefits to investing in solar panels become more and more apparent. Besides saving you money on your utility bills and reducing your ecological footprint, solar energy can now be produced and saved for later, further reducing your monthly expenses. If it sounds like it can’t get any better than that, read this article on how to store solar energy in a battery. You’ll be glad you did.

Solar Energy

Before discussing the process of solar energy preservation, it’s important to get a foundational understanding of what solar energy actually is. To see also : NV Vitality Receives PUCN Approval for Solar+Storage Initiatives. When switching from coal dependent electricity to solar-powered electricity, you are converting the sun’s rays into direct current (DC) electricity.

This conversion is done by your solar panels. When the sun’s rays reach the panels, electrons move in one direction on the circuit. Then the DC converts into an alternating current (AC) through your panel’s inverter. Sounds like such a simple task. However, it’s actually more complex then it sounds. To dig deeper, let’s discuss how your solar panels are able to make this conversion.

Your panels contain photovoltaic cells. These cells are semiconductors that convert the electric currents when they are exposed to photons or sunlight. Every panel then uses multiple cells to capture the sun’s solar radiation. The solar cells are protected from the external elements and weather with tempered glass casing. At the same time, the cells are kept cool with an insulated back sheet. To summarize and keep things simple, solar panels can function once solar cells absorb the sun’s radiation. Electrons in these panels then move to create the direct electrical current and then the DC is carried to the inverter for conversion into usable alternating currents.

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Solar Battery Installation – How Solar Energy Is Stored and Utilized

Now that we’ve explained the foundations of solar energy, we can dive into the topic of solar power preservation. For consecutive rainy days, having a solar + storage system, such as the ones we can provide here at Solar Liberty, will give you peace of mind. See the article : 5 Issues You Ought to Know Earlier than Shopping for Solar. This peace of mind is guaranteed by having a battery system that preserves your energy for its most efficient and needed use.

Here at Solar Liberty, we are a solar energy equipment supplier that is certified to install a variety of different solar battery systems. These systems come with software that is able to automatically determine the most efficient use of your power. When the sun goes down, rather than pulling energy from your grid, your home will first utilize its power from the battery. And once that’s gone, only then will it pull energy from the grid. This will allow your home to become a completely independent energy source. The worst weather won’t be able to affect your home’s energy supply with our solar + storage systems.

Now that you know how solar energy is stored in a battery, give us a call here at Solar Liberty. We will help you make the best choice for your home.

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