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A solar battery that can not only save you thousands off your energy bill but also pay you. That’s what you get with the Duracell Energy Bank Home 2 solar battery in partnership with Australian cricket legend Shane Warne and his new business Social Energy.

Social Energy is a new energy retailer which launches for the first time this week with the Duracell Energy Bank 2 solar battery and will offer customer the highest feed-in tariff on the market at 40c per kWh that’s put back into the grid from the system.

The 40c per kWh rate is more than four times the average in NSW (7.67c), South Australia (8.77c) or Queensland (7.01c) based on data from EnergyMadeEasy.

Even if a household doesn’t export power back onto the grid, they will still receive a guaranteed annual payment of $500.

And this is in addition to the savings made from the solar panels and the battery.

This will give Australians access to a world first energy service which can help customers reduce their energy bills by up to 100 per cent.

The partnership was created by Natural Solar, Australia’s largest solar battery installer, and the global green energy retailer Social Energy which includes Australian cricket superstar Shane Warne as a major shareholder.

“I’m very proud to be involved with Social Energy who are a leader in solar and battery technology,” said Shane Warne.

“Social Energy is a world leading energy retailer with smart tech that’s changing the game. We want to save the customers and household as much money as we possibly can.

“I believe in it that much that I’m not only promoting Social Energy – I’ve become a shareholder.”

As part of the initiative, Australian households taking part with eligible Duracell Energy Bank 2 models will receive a $500 payment applied as a credit against bills, in addition to their savings made from their solar systems and batteries. Installation costs are more feasible with these potential savings for Australian households.

Social Energy investor Shane Warne

A household in North Balgowlah on Sydney’s northern beaches will be the first site to take up the initiative with the family of four set to make a total saving of $2,506.22 in the first year alone – that’s $500 from Social Energy and $2,006.22 from solar and energy bill savings.

“The introduction of the Duracell home solar battery to Australia is considered by many in the industry as a key defining moment in the growth of renewables and home battery storage,” said Chris Williams CEO of Natural Solar.

“Duracell is an extraordinarily strong and well regarded brand synonymous with quality battery products and one that Australian’s have grown up with and trust as a go to for battery technology.

“When you consider Duracell, the globally iconic consumer battery company, are partnering up with Social Energy to support this market – that endorsement alone is proof that solar home batteries are integral to the world’s future energy supply and here to stay.

Natural Solar CEO Chris Williams

“Social Energy will be ideal for those who already have solar panels on their roof and have previously found it hard to make the numbers stack up to add a battery to their solar system.

“Under this energy model, many households will still be able to receive a credit on their electricity bill while also having the added benefit of backup power in the event of a grid outage.”

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