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Louisville's Best Solar Battery Installers:

The top rated solar battery installers in Louisville, KY are: Read also : Solar battery market Greatest innovation with high key gamers | First Solar, East Penn Manufacturing, FerroAmp, – openPR.

  • Pure Power Solar – designs tailor-made solar power systems for households and companies
  • SolarMyPlace – is a one-stop shop for investing in solar energy
  • Solar is freedom – is the only locally owned and operated solar company in Cincinnati
  • Solar from Ecos – is a locally owned turnkey solar energy contractor in Louisville
  • Automated Life, LLC – offers electronics, automation and solar system services

Pure Power Solar

Pure Power Solar is a Louisville based company that is locally owned and operated. Owner Nick Hartnett is from Louisville and began his solar career in 2013 as a sales representative in Southern California. See the article : Impression of Covid-19 on Moveable Solar Charger Market 2020-2026 | Potential progress and engaging valuation make it a long-term funding Prime Gamers: Philips Lighting Holding BV, Cobra Electronics EMEA, Kickstarter, PBC and Solio solar battery merchandise – The C – The Courier. After gaining the necessary skills, he returned home in 2017 to start Pure Power Solar. Seeing an opportunity to save energy and money in homes and businesses in the Louisville area, he decided to explore.

Professional installation and a 25-year guarantee are included with your photovoltaic systems. They can take care of every step of the process for you and you have a trustworthy, turnkey solar system that can save you money instantly. The solar panel systems are tailored to your special needs, taking into account the direction of the roof, the shading, the size of your property and your regular energy requirements.

They use high quality materials and your solar investment is backed by a 25 year warranty with a life expectancy of 35 years or more. All systems are fundable, with a 0% down payment option to remove any upfront financial restrictions.


Solar power installer


Address: 3145 Preston Hwy Ste 2, Louisville, KY 40213
phone: (502) 356-1806


“Pure power is the best. They were super patient when I ran a refinance despite the delays and they were up and running as soon as it was completed. We are delighted with the results after a year of solar production. I can only warmly recommend Nick and the Pure Power team. ”- Allison S.


SolarMyPlace is a one-stop shop for private and commercial investments in sustainable energy. They have a wide range of solar energy products for your home and business from a variety of brands from around the world. On the same subject : The worldwide solar battery charger market (2020) will see super progress till 2026 Suntrica, EMPO-NI, Suntactics, Voltaic, Objective Zero – Der Kurier. They meet all of their customers' needs through a wide range of products in different solar energy categories as well as a track record of several completed projects.

Their dedicated team of specialists is constantly on the lookout for new and exceptional products for your home and industry and has a long list of satisfied customers.
All solar product lines are offered at comparable prices. They serve customers from all 50 states. In order to provide their customers with a smooth and uncomplicated shopping experience, they use the latest technologies, complex algorithms and analyzes.


Solar modules, solar inverters, solar batteries, charge controllers, solar utilities, optimizers, EV chargers, solar kits, installation accessories


Address: 2900 Fern Valley Road, Louisville, KY 40213
(502) 353-3222


“I came across the best e-commerce site for a lot of solar products. All of my solar products were easily sourced from this e-commerce platform. And recently I finished my installation. ”- Markus J.

Solar is freedom

Solar is freedom is a one stop shop for all home and business owners. This means that Solar Is Freedom employees do everything in-house, from the first trip to final quality control. Every solar customer becomes part of the Solar Is Freedom family. This means that when you join you will be assigned a personal account manager who will answer all your questions and guide you through the whole process. This is where the Solar Is Freedom award comes in.

Knowing that all of their product and financial partners must represent the exceptional quality and service that the Solar Is Freedom brand stands for, they install only the best. They set high standards for their suppliers and are not tied to a company; Instead, they customize the optimal solution for your home. This means they can get what you want.

If, like most home and business owners, you are looking for a professional to recommend products, Solar Is Freedom is the company for you. You first check the property and then use our two-step method to tailor a solution for you. A tier-one panel is always used and almost always a SolarEdge or Enphase inverter.


Solar power installer


Address: 3304 Gilmore Industrial Blvd, Louisville, KY 40213
phone: (502) 483-1890


“Our system was installed in our barn in August 2021. Our representative Clay Krill and the installation team from Columbus Area were great working together. Clay and the office team kept us updated throughout the process. The assembly team was professional, very friendly and uncomplicated. A great experience. I look forward to saving electricity for the next 30 years. ”- Bob L.

Solar from Ecos

Solar from Ecos is a locally owned and operated turnkey solar energy company in Louisville, Kentucky specializing in agricultural, residential, and commercial solar energy. They have the best prerequisites for certified energy professionals and their installation quality is clearly superior to industry standards. Chris and Tony, who both have years of experience in construction and sustainability, founded Solar by Ecos. The triple bottom line guides their business philosophy: They strive to have a positive impact on the people in their community, to contribute to the betterment of the planet and to be useful so that they can continue to make a positive impact.

They take a holistic approach when planning and installing solar systems. As construction professionals, they evaluate the overall performance and efficiency of a building as part of the routine site assessment. Customers will get the most benefit from their solar energy investment because of the improved overall performance and efficiency. In addition, this method will reduce CO2 emissions while increasing environmental impact.


Solar Panels, Solar Storage / Batteries, Solar Panel Repair, Solar PV Design and Installation, Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Nonprofit


addressess: 1403 Rowan St, Louisville, KY 40203
phone: (502) 593-5693


“Solar by Ecos gave me a timely estimate and explained to me all the details and the benefits of installing solar panels in our home in Crescent Hill. The work was professional and after 3 years I am very happy with the result. Very low utility bills and no problems. ”- Dennis N.

Automated Life, LLC

Automated Life, LLC is Louisville's specialist in custom electronics, automation and solar energy. They can offer you everything from simple to extensive entertainment or advertising solutions. They have trained and qualified professionals who can help you develop, install, program and properly train your system so that you can get the most out of it. Your team has also worked with architects, designers, builders, remodeling specialists and interior designers.

They also have a team of contractors on hand to help with any electrical, drywall, plumbing, or custom cabinet / woodwork that may come up over the course of a project. They offer free consultation at your home to ensure that the project you are planning fits your needs and budget. You are the right contact, whether you want to install a flat screen with surround sound, a comprehensive automation system, security or digital signs in your home or business.

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