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GE, the global industrial giant, is entering the US solar inverter market with technology already making a name for itself in Australia and Brazil.

December 9, 2021

The General Electric brand is a well-known manufacturer of household appliances. Now the global industrial giant is entering the US solar inverter market with a technology that has already made a name for itself in Australia and Brazil.

The Inverter’s US debut came during a kickoff event at the Nov. 18 NBA game between the Denver Nuggets and the Philadelphia 76rs. It was a good night for the Sixers, who won, and an even better one for a group cheering the halftime launch. On site were Michael Mendik, US Country Manager for GoodWe USA Inc. LTD.; GE’s Jeff Wyatt, Varun Murugaraj and Steve Cason; and Mike Kruger, President and CEO of the Colorado Solar and Storage Association. GoodWe is a GE licensed partner.

The GE inverter is compatible with high voltage batteries (80-495V) and has a power capacity of 5-9.6 kW. As Joseph Spradley, VP of Sales at Krannich Solar USA, said, “GE’s new hybrid inverter is packed with industry-leading features: integrated AC and DC disconnect, four MPPTs and 9.6 kW output power in backup.” Up to 15 kW solar panels can be connected.

GE enters the inverter market

Image: GE

Further technical data are:

GO US 5-9.6kW

· Hybrid inverter

· Up to 4 MPPTs and 150% DC input oversizing

· Sustainable power supply

· Generator connection

· 50A charging and discharging current for fast battery operation

· Integrated smart meter and SUNSPEC fast shutdown transmitter

· Compatible with multiple HV batteries

· Design proven worldwide

These features are in line with the growing energy needs of the US market, including electric vehicles.

GE said one goal is for the solar inverter to be a significant contributor to the U.S. renewable energy transition and a key technology innovator in the ever-growing solar industry. A no less important goal is to give homeowners more confidence in their decision to switch to solar energy by using the GE solar inverter as one of the key components of the system.

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