What’s the solar high quality triangle?


Okay so if we can think of the quality triangle as having cost and quality up and of course when you go down you reduce both cost and quality and it's a bit like everything else. See the article : Greenbacker brings its first Solar + Storage challenge on-line.

It's a bit like cars, for example, or TVs is another great example, isn't it?

You can pay top dollar for a feature-rich TV that does anything you want and lasts a long time, or you can buy the cheapest that does essentially what the top TV does but just a little bit of it, since it shows you the TV screen but it won't have all of the intelligences and is unlikely to last long.

So in a nutshell, that's it. It's really … easy, except that solar power is designed to last for decades. So it's important that it lasts long or you will end up spending thousands of dollars on something that won't last long if you go to the end of the triangle.

So it is important that the quality is there and that the longevity is also there.

Whether you climb the top of the triangle or the middle of the triangle really depends on how long you want to stay in your home and how smart you want your system to be, but our advice is always: never go all the way to the bottom of the triangle.

Also at Solaray today we take hundreds of panels from roofs every month that are three to five years old and you know that doesn't help the people who originally paid for them and they are all being replaced, it doesn't help the people who originally bought it and they had to write off their thousands of dollars and it certainly doesn't help the environment.

The whole point of a solar system is that it will last for decades. Then it really increases our carbon footprint.

Talk to one of our experts and resize your system today.

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