WEC proposes the state's largest solar battery storage challenge – UW Badger Herald

WEC Energy Group proposed plans Construction of a 310 megawatt solar and battery storage project in Kenosha County.

If approved, the Paris solar battery park would be the largest of its kind in the state. This park is part of the business plan invest According to the WEC press release, $ 2 billion in renewable energy will be deployed by 2025.

Gregory Nemet, a professor at La Follette School of Public Affairs, said in an email to The Badger Herald that the WEC Energy Group had not announced a price, but it was on the order of $ 200 million.

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The project would have a solar energy of 200 megawatts. According to the WEC, this would be enough to supply 60,000 households with electricity while also using the 110-megawatt battery to continue supplying electricity at sunset.

Nemet said the important part of the project is the battery, not solar, and the battery shows Wisconsin's transition to a low-carbon economy.

"It is important for utilities, businesses, and workers in the state to gain experience working with batteries and solar energy. So this first big battery is an important step, ”said Nemet. "It will help make the next battery project easier and cheaper."

According to Nemet, Wisconsin has already started two more large solar projects with dozens of others waiting in line.

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Nemet said he believes the project will save Wisconsin residents money in the long run – almost all costs are upfront and there will be no more fuel or pollution costs down the line.

"It is part of the overall strategy to move from coal and gas to low-carbon energy," said Nemet. “There is only one large coal-fired power plant in Wisconsin that is not scheduled to close in the next few years. Solar, batteries, and wind will help fill this void as coal-fired power plants leave the system. "

According to the WEC, the Paris solar battery park is expected to be operational if the plans are approved construction in 2022 and operational in 2023.

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