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Good news for Victorians looking for a solar and battery storage solution, the Victorian government has announced that the eligibility criteria for the solar battery discount have been relaxed. Previously, home or business owners had to wait to install solar panels on the roof before accessing the $ 3,500 battery discount – but now applicants can have their PV modules and battery installed at the same time.

In a statement, Solar House Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the changes will make it easier for more households to take advantage of combining a battery with photovoltaics as part of their home energy system

“We listened to the industry and the Victorians. More and more people want to bundle a new PV system with a battery or upgrade their solar system in order to maximize the return on their battery, ”said D’Ambrosio.

"In this way we give Victorian the power to save money and reduce emissions."

Solar batteries are gaining momentum

The solar battery discount was introduced in 2020 and has already been used by over 4,000 Victorians who are less dependent on the traditional energy grid. Read also : Bluetti EP500 Professional Launch: The world's strongest 5.1 kWh solar battery with three new modular equipment – Wccftech.

As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to think about installing solar panels on the roof – and with a solar battery, owners can more than double their own consumption of solar-generated electricity. This means hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more in your pocket every year.

Solar battery owners can charge their battery at times of the day when utility power is cheaper, or install a system to back up during a power outage. With feed-in tariffs at historic lows, export tariffs (“sun tax”) in the not too distant future, and rising interest rates and sales of electric vehicles (EV), investments in battery storage have never been more appealing.

If Victorians aren't ready to invest in a battery just yet, federal and state discounts and incentives still exist on solar panels and solar hot water systems. Check out our dedicated page for the latest information on solar panels and batteries in Victoria.

The Victorian government's $ 1.3 billion Solar Homes program aims to install solar panels, solar hot water systems, or batteries in 770,000 homes across the state over a 10 year period.

5 quick facts about solar batteries 2021

  1. Most batteries cost between $ 8,000 and $ 12,000, and the payback period can extend beyond the 10 year warranty. However, discounts improve the ROI.
  2. Some home battery models provide backup power in the event of power outages and load shedding – these batteries are also an effective solution for households that experience frequent power outages. Be sure to discuss this option with your installer.
  3. If you're adding a completely new system, consider a hybrid inverter like the FIMER REACT 2 rather than separate solar and battery inverters.
  4. Solar batteries are available for both grid-connected households and stand-alone systems. Solar batteries can be installed as a retrofit or with a new solar system.
  5. 50% of Australians want to invest in electric vehicles in the next 5 years, which makes solar batteries a more profitable investment

If you want to learn more about installing solar panels and batteries in Australia or want a free quote, our solar power and battery storage calculator is easy to use! Simply enter your zip code and the average daily electricity consumption in kWh. The solar calculator then generates useful information about the estimated performance and potential savings. This may interest you : World Solar Battery Charger Business Report 2020-2027: Army Section Has 43.5% Share in 2020 – PRNewswire. We can then send this information to up to three trusted local installers in your area for free, no-obligation quotes.

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