The Top-Rated Solar Installers In Sydney In 2024

Who are the top 5 solar installers in Sydney in 2024? I’ve scoured the SolarQuotes review database, and the results are in.

How Did We Work Out The Winners?

I looked at all Sydney solar installers (not only SolarQuotes clients) with at least 15 reviews in the last three years and ranked them based on the highest average review score. On the same subject : array.

If scores were equal, the winner goes to the company with more reviews.

Installing solar panels on a tiled roof - spares tiles are a must
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Top 5 Sydney Solar Installers

There was extremely tough competition this year – with the difference between first and second place being a razor-thin margin of 0. See the article : SEIA: Solar on the way in which to quadrupling capability by 2030.01/5!

Four of the five winners are SolarQuotes clients. The second-place winner is not.

This year’s winners are:

First place: Better Call Solar, based in Prestons, with a perfect score of 5/5 based on 105 reviews

A clean-looking east-west tilt install by Better Call Solar

Second place: Solar Concepts, based in Woolooware, with a score of 4.99/5 based on 26 reviews

Solar + swimming pool. Happy days.

Third place: Empire Solar Systems, based in Auburn, with a score of 4.96/5 based on 63 reviews

A tidy install by Empire Solar Systems

Fourth place: Clean Earth Solar, based in Tennyson, with a score of 4.96/5 based on 35 reviews

My advice is to fill your roof with solar, which is exactly what this homeowner did with Clean Earth Solar’s help

Fifth place: RenewCo Solar, based in Lane Cove West, with a score of 4.95/5 based on 136 reviews

A large system on an even larger house done by RenewCo Solar

Logan City Council - solar energy
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What Do We Ask When We Collect Reviews?

We ask customers to leave a rating out of 5 for the following categories: This may interest you : New NIPSCO-RFP in search of solar and storage assets.

  • Value for money
  • Quality of system
  • Installation
  • Customer service

This is then tallied into a final overall score out of 5.

They then leave a detailed review, being prompted by the following questions:

  • How was the sales/quoting process?
  • How did the installation go? Polite? Tidy? Punctual?
  • How was the customer service? e.g. did they help organise the grid connection after the install, or show you how to use the charger?

We’re also big on photos. The most helpful reviews have photo evidence of a job well done.

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What Do Top Sydney Installers Bring To The Table Versus The Rest?

In no particular order, these are some of the common themes customers cite when leaving reviews:

Site inspection before quoting

A site inspection by a competent installer or salesperson can identify potential issues and better plan for contingencies.

I don’t believe a site inspection is necessary to ensure a great installation. Many awesome installers solely quote based on satellite imagery.

However, site visits massively reduce the risk of delays or compromises on the installation day. Unforeseen delays or compromises = unhappy customers = mediocre reviews.

Happily make alterations to the quote based on customer requests

You should trust your installer’s advice and recommendations. They won’t install your panels on your lawn because you ask them to.

But sometimes installers can fall into habits and choose option A without mentioning option B—and if you, as the homeowner, want to explore option B, they can either happily oblige or explain clearly, without jargon, why it won’t work.

Great installers listen to a customer’s requests and happily discuss them. Not-so-great installers can be dismissive.

Go the extra mile and don’t shy away from hard installs

It’s no surprise to me the best installers welcome challenging installations. Pushing limits is how you achieve greatness.

Budget installers who only want to work on cookie-cutter easy jobs will rarely hone their skills and get to the next level.

Kept the customer in the loop every step of the way

It’s not the best experience when you pay a deposit and hear nothing… until there’s a knock at your door on the day of installation, tradies rummage around on your roof for the better part of the day, and then you don’t realise they’ve left until everything goes quiet.

Great installers ensure the customer is informed about what will happen and when and are proactive in keeping the customer in the loop if there are any issues or delays.

After speaking with many homeowners over the last 15 years, I can confidently say most homeowners will cheerfully accept a delay or problem IF they don’t need to pull teeth to get the installer to admit one exists.

Great after-sales service if the customer has any questions

A common complaint about less-than-reputable solar companies is they effectively vanish once the installation is done. It’s impossible to get in touch via email or phone.

Great installers will gladly field a call from a customer who doesn’t quite understand how to use their monitoring app or is worried their system isn’t performing as expected.

Low sales pressure

No one likes feeling pressured into signing something, even if they’re getting a genuinely great deal from a good installer.

Great installers provide a quote, give the homeowner time to digest and compare with others, and then gently follow up to answer any further questions they may have.

Desperation to sign a customer up is a surefire way to turn them off.

Prompt, tidy install

This speaks for itself. It’s unpleasant to see rubbish left on your property after installation.

Interview With This Year’s Winner – Better Call Solar

We had a chat with Rhys Winn, owner of Better Call Solar. Here’s why he thinks making the top spot is no accident:

It’s a team effort – Britt and Mase ensure install compliance standards are engrained into everybody’s pre-frontal cortex. Cammo takes alot of tough carries in the Project Management space and is big on promoting internal dialogue when it comes to reviewing processes. Wanderer loves his data and never sits down (literally) when it comes to Account Management. Toddy balances out his time in the sauna/ice bath with transparent Sales flow and feasts on late night emails. Also a big shoutout to Festus, Hassan and Socothbenoth who are the best suppliers in the game!

Also a shoutout to Jake of Penrith Solar Centre fame and Matthew of RewewCo Solar fame for the inspiration they give me personally as owner/operators. Keep fighting the good fight lads.

How did he choose his company name?

My mother dearest is a big Breaking Bad fan and proposed the idea at the 11th hour after a few Chardonay’s! We were originally going to call it something lame like Happy Solar Co… dodged a bullet there!

Special Mentions

This “top installers” series is focused on state capitals, which sadly excludes many fantastic regional installers. An example is RESINC Solar, a recent SolarQuotes client operating in the Newcastle area that has amassed over 500 reviews with an average score of 4.99/5!

Thanks to everyone who submitted reviews. They’re one of the key points of reference homeowners use when considering installers.

Stay tuned for the next city in our “top installers” series – Melbourne is up next.

If you’re considering solar for your home or business, my service provides up to 3 free quotes for solar, batteries, and EV chargers from installers I have personally pre-vetted and trust. Fill in the form here, and I’ll connect you with great installers.

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