Solaric’s Home Solar Solutions 2024

What are Solaric’s home solar solutions for 2024?

  1. Small Grid Tied Solar Package
  2. Medium Grid Tied Solar
  3. Large Grid Tied Solar Package
  4. Extra Large Grid Tied Solar
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  • This article offers you a glimpse of our packages which you can choose depending on your needs.
  • Solaric’s mission is to provide economically sensible and environmentally sustainable solar energy solutions.
  • This 2024, Solaric presents an array of solar panel packages designed to address your electricity cost concerns while concurrently contributing to environmental sustainability.

Investing in solar panels is a smart move amidst the climate crisis. By tapping into solar energy, businesses not only reduce their carbon footprint but also cut costs. On a household level, installing solar panels provides energy independence, lowering electricity bills and promoting sustainability.

In this article, we will feature Solaric’s home solar solutions for 2024. To see also : array. Our team recognizes that active participation in the solar community, coupled with the advocacy for eco-friendly practices, positions households as key contributors to a cleaner environment.

This investment seamlessly aligns with the surging demand for renewable energy, casting industries and homes alike as conscientious pioneers in shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

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Small Grid Tied Solar Package

Residences with low energy requirements, such as single-occupancy homes, may discover that the 1. This may interest you : Virginia SCC Inexperienced Mild for Dominion Power Virginia Solar Tasks.84kWp solar panel system adequately fulfills their electricity needs.

It’s crucial to recognize that the suitability of a 1.84kWp system hinges on the specific energy demands of the household, given its relatively compact size.

Opting for this system has the potential to yield savings of up to 2,500 on your electricity bill, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for homes with limited energy consumption.

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Medium Grid Tied Solar

Given the escalating concerns regarding climate change, the reliance on air conditioning for cooling is understandable. To see also : The brand new SEIA software presents transparency within the Solar + Storage provide chain. When combined with the operation of multiple refrigerators/freezers and other daily appliances, the resulting monthly electricity bill can range from 12,000 to 25,000 pesos.

To potentially save up to 5,000 pesos, our recommended solution is the Medium Grid Tied Solar package, featuring a 12-panel configuration and a sophisticated wifi logging system. This allows you to seamlessly monitor the solar energy harvested, promoting transparency and efficiency in your energy consumption.

It’s important to acknowledge that each residence is unique, and specific considerations may arise. In instances where extended cable runs from the inverter to the panel board or additional roofing structural support are necessary, a personalized assessment becomes essential. Our team is committed to providing tailored solutions to ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of your solar panel installation.

Large Grid Tied Solar Package

Ever since the pandemic a lot of working-from-home opportunities emerged. With the use of a computer and air conditioning in the daytime your monthly electricity bills surged above 35, 000 monthly.

Should your current solar energy system be rated at 3kWp, consider upgrading to a 5kWp inverter to enhance your energy independence and alleviate electricity expenses. The transition to a larger solar panel system offers the potential to generate increased power domestically, thereby expediting your return on investment. Solaric’s comprehensive large grid-tied solar package can yield monthly savings of up to 8,000 pesos, making it a compelling choice for those seeking both economic efficiency and heightened sustainability.

Our 5kwp solar panel consists of 20 panels enabling you to a 22.5kWh of usable daytime power. Securing an availability of electricity even if there is a power outage around the area.

Extra Large Grid Tied Solar

Tailoring the size of your solar power system to suit your preferences is important. There are lots of factors to consider such as your average electricity consumption, the available roof space, and your energy objectives.

In residences characterized by larger dimensions and heightened energy demands, the electricity bill may surpass 15,000, especially if the property accommodates a home-based business or multiple occupants utilizing a myriad of electrical appliances.

Consider our Extra Large Grid Tied Solar, a prominent addition to our suite of solaric home solutions in 2024. Tailored for residences with substantial energy requirements, this system can yield up to 16,000 in monthly savings.

Boasting an enhanced energy production capability of 12kWp, it can generate surplus electricity beyond the household’s consumption. Through participation in a net metering program, the excess energy can be seamlessly fed back into the grid, offering you compensation for your contribution to sustainable energy practices.

Key Takeaway

In Solaric, our commitment to delivering accurate and customized quotes ensures transparency and addresses the distinct needs of your property.

We understand that each house presents its own set of challenges, and our inspection process allows us to provide you with a comprehensive and individualized cost estimate for the installation of solar panels on your unique home.

If you are thinking of switching to solar panels and starting your journey to solar energy systems contact us today.

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