Solar Net Metering: How it Works and Why It Matters

Australian residents have a strong reason for embracing solar energy use. Installing solar panels can help ordinary individuals reduce energy expenses and environmental impact. Some enjoy solar and grid electricity, and some seek to go off-grid. However, net metering allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Net metering digital meter

Net metering is a billing mechanism and regulatory policy that lets solar panel owners pay only for their “net” energy use. First off, your home consumes the electricity that your solar power system generates first. Solar connects to the electric grid, and you also get credit from your feed-in tariff for excess electricity generated and fed back into the grid. That utilises solar energy and avoids increasing your bill.

On the other hand, the alternative is gross metering. Gross metering just measures your solar energy system’s output and the grid’s input and gives you a feed-in tariff for the former and charges you for the latter.

Benefits of Net Metering

Net metering can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills every year. Read also : 7 straightforward methods to scrub your solar panels at dwelling. The key reason is that when feed-in tariff is low, it makes sense to consume your self generated energy first.

This alone is a good reason to make this money-saving choice. The following are the main benefits of installing a grid-tied solar panel system:

  • Lower Energy Bills. This can offset electricity that you will use from the utility during night time. You can reduce your monthly electric bills by 50% but it depends on how large your solar power system is.
  • Powers Multiple Spaces. Not only can you power your primary residence, but also subsidiary buildings like garages, cabins and sheds. You can even power electric vehicles.
  • Minimises Your Carbon Footprint. By becoming more self-sufficient, you contribute to the conservation of precious natural resources. This is because the Solar Panel System is much more eco-friendly than fossil fuel powered generators

Net Metering Policy

The adoption of solar energy is increasing across Australia. However, the presence of incentives and Net Metering options differs from one state to another. Read also : The federal government and companies are investing in the supply chain for domestic minerals needed for solar panels. Currently, most areas in Australia qualify for Net Metering. Back in 2011, when it first kicked off, Net Metering was only available in the following small number of locations:

  • Adelaide, SA
  • Moreland, VIC
  • Alice Springs, NT
  • Perth, WA
  • Blacktown, NSW
  • Townsville, QLD
  • Central Victoria

However, it is now available nationwide. From Tasmania to Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane to the Cape. And out west to the NT, Adelaide and Perth!

In conclusion, if you want to make sure that you are getting net metering, contact your retailer to ensure that you have a smart meter with that capability.

Solar Energy Transition

By getting a solar energy system, you have the potential to lower your energy expenses. The transition to solar power not only benefits your financial situation but also has a positive impact on the environment. Read also : Duke Vitality Sustainable Options lays the muse stone for Pisgah Ridge Solar. Solar energy is a renewable resource that reduces carbon emissions.

Solaray Energy took the lead in its support of the introduction of Tesla’s highly anticipated solar battery into the market. Tesla Powerwall is a smart home battery system that integrates with your existing solar system. By doing so, it can provide backup power for when the grid goes down. This feature extends Tesla Powerwall to make use of Net Energy Metering once their Powerwall system reaches capacity.

Solaray currently offers one of the most comprehensive installation services in Australia. The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is increasingly popular as the solar battery of choice.

In conclusion, why not become part of the positive change and transition to solar systems with Solaray?

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