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With 3G scheduled to shut down later this month, some solar inverters will lose connectivity and stop reporting data. Developed by Ipsun Tech, the free Sunvoy app addresses this imminent obstacle by mapping the locations of affected inverters, allowing installers to swap out devices in those locations.

February 14, 2022

This month, 3G networks will be shut down by wireless carriers to make way for 5G, causing connectivity issues for many 3G-enabled solar inverters across the country. The “3G sunset” will mean that many of these devices will no longer report solar production data, which is automatically reported to solar customers.

According to Ipsun Tech, in addition to customer calls and maintenance requests, the shutdown could have greater consequences. Warranties may be impacted and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) will no longer be generated from devices that are not upgraded and reconnected.

Ipsun Tech has released the new 3G mapping feature in its free Sunvoy App to meet this upcoming customer service challenge. The app maps the locations of affected 3G-enabled inverters, so installers will soon be able to locate and replace obsolete technology. Currently the app is able to locate SolarEdge, Enphase or eGauge inverters. The Sunvoy team is working to integrate other inverter brands with the app, the company said.

Image: Ipsun Tech

“We are offering this free tool to installers because, looking at our own systems that required attention due to the 3G phase-out, we saw that Sunvoy could help,” said Herve Billiet, CEO of Ipsun Tech. “Our mission is to fight climate change by helping installers get their job done faster and easier,” he said.

The shutdown is scheduled for the end of this month for AT&T, in March for Verizon, and in December for T-Mobile.

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