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If only you weren’t dependent on the big energy companies at all, wouldn’t that be nice? It is possible that in the near future, thanks to technological advances, households will be able to work without the need of the electricity grid and become completely self-sufficient.

After commissioning their photovoltaic self-consumption system, many customers want to go one step further and add solar batteries to maximize their yield. Then they realize that solar inverters are not compatible with any type or brand of batteries.

That’s why we always recommend here, when considering different options for your self-consumption system, to ask what future expansion options you have: the best solar panelBatteries etc. and that you take this into account both when choosing and when comparing between different budgets…

Choosing a solar battery

Choosing an inverter that is compatible with adding solar batteries, even if you don’t intend to use them currently, is crucial, whether you currently have a self-consumption system or are just thinking about getting one. On the same subject : Solar Battery Charger Market Size and Forecast | Top Key Players – Suntrica, EMPO-NI, Suntactics, Voltaic, Solio, Goal Zero – FortBendNow – FortBendNow.

If you’re looking to use solar panels and batteries to power your home, we recommend checking out the best solar battery supplier, Loom Solar. The batteries and inverters they manufacture are carefully selected for their compatibility with each other. That’s why Loom Solar encourages you to read and learn everything you need to know about choosing the right solar battery for your facility.

Now let’s get to the point and see what you need to know to immediately choose a solar battery compatible with any type of inverter from the major photovoltaic market names.

In a way, you’re betting on specific battery manufacturers when choosing an inverter brand. Batteries with and without emergency power function. Some batteries have a backup or emergency function, others don’t.

In the event of a power failure, the emergency function keeps your system running. If there is no backup and the network goes down, the system would go down as well. Option B, which includes an emergency function, seems to be the most interesting choice in this context.

Solar Battery
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Are batteries important for my solar system?

No you do not need to. Grid-connected self-consumption systems do not need any battery systems because they can draw electricity at any time. Read also : The 5 Greatest Solar Battery Installers in Mesa, AZ – Kev & # 39; s Greatest. But even if you don’t need one, install a solar system Inverter battery system can provide a number of additional benefits.

You can store solar cell power in batteries so you can use it at night or during a power outage, regardless of whether your system is generating power at the time (e.g. at night to make dinner).

This improves the efficiency of solar power generation, and although installation costs are higher, the long-term economic benefits will be greater, which is particularly intriguing given the current trend of steadily rising electricity prices.

If you are planning to use solar batteries, you should definitely consider the expandability of the inverter when purchasing one. So if you ever decide to do it, you don’t have to change your installation.

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