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Xiaomi invests in automotive chip companies

Black Sesame Technologies announced that it has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in strategic and Series C funding rounds this year. The Series C round was led by Xiaomi's Yangtze River Industry Fund. In terms of automobile manufacturing, Xiaomi has done a range of works, from talent recruiting to patent filing and strategic investments.

Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai accelerates production and delivery

Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is doing its best to produce and supply electric vehicles to ensure more electric vehicles are shipped by the end of the month, according to foreign media reports. From the aerial photography, the Model 3 and Model Y of the Shanghai Gigafactory are continuously transported to the parking lot. The report also said that the Shanghai Gigafactory went into "plaid" mode towards the end of the third quarter, meaning that Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is now in a very fast production and delivery state.

Huawei reveals patent for solar batteries or with smart glasses

Recently, Huawei Technologies unveiled a patent for "Solar cells and their manufacturing methods, data glasses and electronic devices". The patent abstract disclosed that the solar cell comprises a first conductive layer, a second conductive layer, a first conductive grid, a second conductive grid and a functional layer. The technical solution of the present application can reduce the influence of the thin-film resistance on the cell efficiency after increasing the cell size and adapt to the development trend of large-area solar cell applications.

Leading registered Metaverse trademark from Ideal

Beijing CHJ Automotive Co., Ltd. (an affiliate of the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Leading Ideal) has applied for the registration of several "Metaverse" brands covering transportation, machinery and equipment, heating oil, and so on.

Capital Today leads Series D round at warehouse robot startup Hai Robotics

The Chinese logistics and warehouse robot technology company Hai Robotics announced the completion of two financing rounds of over 200 million US dollars. The Series C round was led by 5Y Capital, which was attended by Sequoia Capital China, Source Code Capital, VMS, Walden International, and others. The Series D round was led by Capital Today, followed by Sequoia Capital China, 5Y Capital, Source Code Capital, Legend Star and 01 Venture Capital. Hai Robotics was founded in 2016 and focuses on the research and development, design and programming of box-shaped warehouse robot systems. So far, the company has opened up several foreign markets. It is reported that overseas business is expected to account for 40% by the end of 2021.

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