Amp will set up 100 MW on neighborhood solar initiatives within the US by the top of the yr

Amp's community solar project in New Germany, Minn.

Amp has pioneered a portfolio of community solar projects in New York and, along with its portfolio under construction in Massachusetts, is well on its way to installing nearly 100MW of community solar projects in its northeastern territory by the end of the year.

The New York portfolio, consisting of 11 projects and 75 MW DC of solar energy paired with 27 MWh of battery storage in the state, will enable participating subscribers to save electricity costs and enable Amp to optimally distribute energy from the batteries based on solar generation and grid signals.

The Massachusetts portfolio, consisting of three projects and 20 MW DC of solar energy paired with 24 MWh of battery storage, will provide billing credits to subscribers with the batteries participating in the ISO-NE wholesale service markets.

"This series of projects marks Amp's largest collection of concurrent municipal solar projects in the US and represents a project investment of more than $ 230 million," said Jared Donald, executive vice president and head of Amp's US operations. “As we near the completion of these projects, the team prepares to begin building a similarly sized portfolio of facilities in New York and Massachusetts that will be completed next year as we continue to search for new project opportunities in these states Looking for. ”

The projects in this portfolio will help New York State meet its climate and sustainability goals, including its recently increased target of securing at least 10 GW of installed solar capacity by 2030 while improving the resilience and quality of the state's power grid.

As an extension of Amp's investment in the communities where the projects are located, Amp has partnered with Eden Renewables at five of these locations to holistically focus on setting standards for biodiversity and environmental improvement, continued agricultural use and community educational benefits the use of pollinator-friendly native plants and beekeeping as well as bird and bat habitats.

Amp is also working with Lowes and Hannaford Supermarkets in New York and Massachusetts on these projects, as well as the University of Rochester and thousands of New York residents, to provide monthly credit on their utility bills.

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