A Panel Array That Is Larger Than Your Inverter – Oversizing Your Solar Inverter

A well designed solar system can save you thousands of dollars and significantly increase output by oversizing the panel array compared to the inverter. We call this Supersizing Your Solar Inverter.

Solaray Energy are the smart solar & storage experts. This means we take the time to find out what you are looking for and offer designs that will not only maximise solar output but also maximise value for money. We want our customers not only taking their power bills to $0 but to be in credit to their energy retailer.

Solar power is an investment that rewards you with decades of lower power bills, and a well-designed system can mean bigger savings over the long run. Let’s get into the details and find out how you can save thousands off your solar power quote by Supersizing Your Solar.

Option 1. Supersize Your Enphase System

To maximise system efficiency, we want a microinverter to reach its maximum output as quickly as possible and then stay there for as long as possible. With the microinverter performing at maximum output, your solar system will be at maximum efficiency, which means more solar power and more bang for your buck.

In terms of performance, an oversized microinverter will clip the output from the solar panel, but only during the middle of the day and only on the best days of the year. In winter and on days when the weather is not ideal for solar, oversizing the inverter will give you more power across the day with no clipping at all, as illustrated here:

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