10 key benefits of a smart solar power system

1. Increased performance

A Solaray Energy smart solar system features module-level performance, allowing each individual module to emit power independently of the other modules. To see also : McDonald & # 39; s and eBay strengthen US solar enterprise. This significantly increases system performance in all weather conditions.

Our smart solar systems average over 110% of their expected performance, for example a 5kW system will consistently produce over 30kWh on a sunny summer day thanks to Enphase’s latest technology.

The payback on a solar power system has gotten so good that many people are surprised that it is now possible to pay for a top-of-the-line system in as little as 3 to 5 years, with a potential total gain of up to about $50,000 over the life of the system. Solaray Systems quality and technology can help increase system performance, which means more money in your pocket.

In addition, you take around $50,000 off the books of Australia’s coal industry, which has a huge impact on the future of Australia’s renewable energy industry. That’s why buying a solar power system is the most effective single action you can take to not only save on your electricity bills, but also to vote for a clean energy future in Australia:

According to Renewable Energy World, as little as 9% shading of a solar array connected to a central inverter can result in a system-wide drop in performance of up to 54%.

The image below is a great example of how a Solaray system can significantly increase performance. In this image, the Solaray system performs at a significantly higher level compared to a standard system in the mottled shade, as each panel is independent of the rest of the array.

String Inverter

One of the major limitations of standard string inverter systems is that the panels are installed in series, meaning each string in the system is always operating at the rate of the worst performing panel. This means that partial shading of even one panel can have a major impact on the performance of a system.

It’s not just shade from trees that can affect solar performance. Bird droppings and dust, as well as smokestacks and power lines can all affect solar performance. In addition, solar panels have a + tolerance during the manufacturing process. For example, LG NeON 330W panels have a tolerance of +3%, so their power ranges from 330W to 340W. Your system cannot take advantage of this unless each panel outputs power independently of the other panels.

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2. Increased flexibility

A 6.6kW system using 390W LG Solar panels typically includes 17 panels. On the same subject : Canadian Solar expands its portfolio to incorporate AI Vitality Storage Optimization Companies. Thanks to innovative solar technology, our engineers can now design a panel layout across multiple roof areas – both at different orientations and at different angles.

If you use most of your electricity in the afternoon, it can be beneficial to have panels that face both north and west to spread the power of the solar power throughout the day. This avoids having a large solar power peak in the middle of the day, making it easier to use a large percentage of the solar power generated, thus increasing the effectiveness of your system.

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3. System Monitoring

Solaray systems come with full online monitoring, free of charge for the lifetime of your system. A gateway connects your system to the Internet to transmit live data on system performance, status updates, and critical issues. Read also : SOLAR TIP: USE THE POWER OF THE SUN WHEN IT'S OVER!. As your installer, Solaray receives automated emails alerting us to technical issues, making it easy to conduct system checks remotely from our Glendenning headquarters or even when our technicians are away. System owners can keep up to date with system issues and check system status.

Solaray system monitoring also offers the option for panel-level power insights and consumption monitoring, which allows you to track how much electricity you are using in your home. This energy monitoring platform is recognized as one of the best in the industry.

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4. No single point of failure

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with one of the panels, the rest of the system that is unaffected can still be operational. This allows for less downtime and allows you to continue generating solar power during a warranty claim or service check.

5. Remote Technical Support

As your installer, the Solaray support team has access to live, real-time monitoring of each module. In the event of an error, Solaray will receive an automated message informing us of the problem. In most cases, the firmware can be updated and the problem solved remotely. This can save you days of downtime and the frustration of having to call a technician.

6. Easily expandable

Solaray systems are truly expandable, limited only by your roof space. Solaray can install as many additional panels as you wish and we do not have to adapt the new panels to your existing array. That way, you can capitalize on any technology gains for years to come.

This is in stark contrast to older systems where we had to match the size of the inverter to the panel array to ensure high performance. This means that adding modules usually requires replacing the inverter. The other limitation is that when panels are added to a string, we need to adjust the panels. This limits the upgrade window to around a year since trying to find old stock is nearly impossible due to rapid technological advances.

7. System Security

Solaray systems eliminate the need for high-voltage DC power cables, increasing homeowner security. If a string inverter system were invented today, it would likely be considered illegal as it requires a high voltage cable to be run through your home. Longer DC cables also introduce leakage currents, making safe and simple AC cable runs the preferred option whenever possible.

8. Longer warranties than standard

Solaray offers a standard 10-year warranty on Enphase systems, with 5-year and 15-year extensions at a great price.

As part of our Platinum Service Package, Solaray offers full replacement warranties so you don’t have to pay out of pocket in the event of a failure. Along with our free technical support, this is one of the main reasons why Solaray is in the top 5 solar installers in Australia.

9. Battery ready

Solaray systems are battery ready and fully compatible with the leading brands on the market including the Enphase AC Battery and the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Solar batteries can be installed with your system or added to an existing system. We connect the batteries directly to the meter board, where we install a control center that manages electricity consumption and storage in the house.

Solaray systems are designed to be modular, expandable and easy to install, and can be tailored to each customer’s usage profile. A home or business is then able to monitor its consumption, solar generation and peak times and install more battery capacity knowing it will pay for itself in no time.

10. Larger systems with single phase power

Due to restrictions imposed by energy distributors such as Ausgrid and Endeavor Energy, single-phase homes have traditionally been limited to a 5kW solar array. This created a lot of headaches for homes that used a lot of electricity during the day but could only install a 5kW system, which was well below the average sized system sold today.

New technology from Enphase has allowed us to circumvent this regulation by limiting the amount of excess solar power fed into the grid. The full benefit of the solar system is fed into the house for you, however, when not in use, the feeding of excess solar power into the grid is limited to 5kW. This can slightly reduce the credit on your electric bill if you have a feed-in tariff from your energy supplier, but the difference should typically be only a few dollars per quarter, much less than the significant benefit you can get from a larger solar system. If you want to explain this in more detail so you fully understand the benefits of solar energy, you can read more here: The Benefits of Solar Energy

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